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Japan is number one
in the world
in healthy life expectancy!

*Based on WHO health report           

Healthy life expectancy is more important

than average life expectancy.

Let's raise our healthy life expectancy even further!|What is healthy life expectancy?Healthy life expectancy refers to the period of time a person can live independently, without the need for daily care. It can be calculated by subtracting years under care (unable to live independently) from average life expectancy.
Healthy life expectancy ranking (WHO statistics, 2010)|#1.Japan76|#2.Switzerland75|#3.Italy74|#3.Australia74|#3.Sweden74|#3.Spain74|#26. 	United States of America70|#39.China66|《National average life expectancy data for Japan》Males Average life expectancy 80 Healthy life expectancy 73 Females Average life expectancy 86 Healthy life expectancy 78
In Japan, we are talking a variety of measures
to raise our healthy life expectancy.

Test|Strength test measuring daily life|Results|Learn own strength|Improve-ment|Build strength pleasantly and moderately

Check your healthy life expectancy with a strength test measuring daily life!

We deliver an evaluation of your strength levels and advice for improving your life.

Build strength pleasantly and moderately through a variety of exercies.

Build strength pleasantly and moderately
That's how we're #1
in healthy life expectancy!
Hatachi Industry Co., Ltd., is a company that supports health by disseminating its independent body measurement and examination system and by manufacturing and selling healthy sports products.

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